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Using a Glans Ring to Heighten Your Pleasure

For men who want to increase their sexual pleasure without making the commitment of a piercing, a glans ring is a great compromise. Also known as a shaft ring or head ring, this piece of jewelry can be a great enhancement.

How It's Used

The ring is placed around your cock while it's soft and nestles right under the ridge of the head, or glans, of the penis. It shouldn't be tight, but you will definitely notice its presence. When you become aroused, the ring will be held firmly in place by increased blood flow. Plenty of men find this extremely pleasurable, as this can cause the head to become more sensitive.

An Increase in Pleasure for Both Partners

While some rings are smooth, others have a stud or several studs to increase pleasure for the receptive partner. Male or female, the sensation of using a glans ring during lovemaking can be intense. The man wearing the ring may also enjoy the sensation of the ring providing a small amount of friction to the sensitive underside of the penis. Some men also state that wearing a ring helps to curb premature ejaculation.

Safety Considerations

Most men will find that the ring doesn't cause any issues with performance or function. However, men that have quite a thick girth may want to order a larger circumference ring to allow for adequate blood flow. If you have a hard time removing your head ring, use lubricant and ease it off carefully once your penis is soft.

Glans Rings can be great fun and don't require the commitment of a piercing. If you're looking to add a little extra something to your sex life, a head ring may be just the right accessory.